What is a custom cut side of beef?

  • One “side” of beef , USDA inspected, processing and cryovac packaging included, ready for your freezer. (8-10 cubic feet of freezer space needed)
  • You choose which cuts you receive and how you want them packaged (steak thickness, roast sizes, bones/no bones, etc.) We are happy to walk you through these choices!
  • Free delivery within 20 miles of the farm, or available for pick up.
  • $4.75/lb hanging weight (Usually around 300 lbs, yielding 180-200 lbs packaged meat depending on how you choose to break down your side)
  • $500 deposit due on placement of an order, balance due upon pick up or delivery
  • This is the best bang for your buck, and the easiest way to get all of your favorite cuts, exactly the way you like them!

Get in touch to reserve your side of grass fed beef today!

Custom sides are available multiple times throughout the year, but it is best to get your name in ahead for the next available spot... Contact us to get on the waiting list!