9/3/19: Our LAST batch of 2019 arrived today- get them quick before they’re gone for the season! full crates available without reservations!

 You were probably sent here by a friend who swears these are the best peaches you will EVER have! They aren’t wrong…

We bring in these delicious peaches from the same PA Amish orchard each year, and they don’t disappoint! In fact, they’ve developed a bit of a “cult following”…

We typically get fresh batches in on Friday afternoons throughout the month of August. The exact time they become available varies week to week. We’ll announce their arrival each week on Facebook.
We offer them first come first serve by the pound each week until they're sold out. To get your hands on some by the pound, your best bet is to get here between Friday afternoon(s) and Sunday(s). You want to get them as fresh as possible, and they often sell out quick!
We also accept reservations for full crates (roughly 20 lbs of fruit) so you can be sure you get your fill without worrying about missing out. If you are on our list,we'll contact you the week of the delivery to let you know when exactly they will be available. Please specify which weekend you prefer to pick up.

Contact us to reserve your crate!

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