our story

       The Dill family hails from New Hampshire, with deep connections to Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Chuck and Lisa have spent the majority of their lives in agricultural pursuits, including dairy, beef and hay production for over 40 years. Mark and Dahlia, both raised on farms, began growing their own business in 2013, establishing their herd of Belted Galloways, and selling hay and maple products. The two couples operated separately in southern New Hampshire, where the available land base was constantly dwindling, and often rented, but shared the goal of purchasing a farm that was able to support a variety of agricultural endeavors, and be called their forever home.

       In 2015, the Dills were introduced to the Chandler Pond Farm property through the Vermont Land Trust. The farm boasted all of the qualities that they had been searching for, so the couples decided to join efforts and resources in order to make the dream of owning their “forever farm” a reality, and putting the 25+ year search to an end. They participated in a competitive proposal process before being chosen as the best fit successors of the conserved property. The joining of efforts between two generations was a crucial step to ensuring the long term sustainability of the farm as a family unit. By working together, they reap the benefits of a lifetime of experience, combined with the vigor and passion of the younger generation.

       The Chandler Pond Farm has a rich agricultural history, and has been home to great land stewards over the years. The Dills are thrilled to care for, and call this beautiful place home for many years to come, and grow a family that will someday be able to carry on the agricultural tradition. Farming holds a special and critical role in the Dill family’s lives: the desire to promote stewardship of the limited land base available today, provide honest, quality food for the community, and maintain a lifestyle of solid work ethic, appreciation and understanding of the limited resources available in a world where much of the population is removed from its food system.