Belted galloway beef cattle

We raise Belted Galloways, a heritage beef breed affectionately known as "Belties" or "Oreo Cookie Cows"(Coincidentally the same breed that Dahlia's family has raised for over 30 years). The Belted Galloway breed originated in 16th century Scotland and are notoriously hardy in hilly terrain, rough climates and thrive in a grazing environment (Perfectly suited for our Vermont farm!)

how they live


Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished, a desirable method of raising beef which provides a natural environment for the animals, and yields high quality, lean, flavorful, and nutritious meat. During the summer and fall, the herd is rotationally grazed on pasture, a management intensive strategy that maximizes forage growth, soil health, and ensures our cattle always have nutrient dense feed available. We personally produce all of the hay and haylage needed to feed our herd through the winter months when grazing isn’t possible. Producing our own feed allows us to control the quality from start to finish, and provides complete traceability for the entirety of our cattle's diets, without relying on outside (and sometimes unknown) sources. We raise our cattle throughout their entire life cycle, breeding, calving, growing and finishing our animals right here at the farm. 

the meat

Our beef is butchered at a USDA inspected facility less than 7 miles from the farm, and is available year round by the individual cut, value bundles and custom cut sides.

Recently purchased some beef from Chandler Pond Farm, highly recommend them. The meat was delicious... was a great experience all around”
— Jay K.

Find our individual grass fed beef cuts in the farm stand every day, or contact us about custom cut sides, quarters, and bundle deals!

And the beef, wow! We’ve had the brisket, steak and hamburger - it’s all excellent!
— Hilary D.